Troster: Let’s make Wellington Street a place for people

By Ariel Troster, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed, January 25, 2023

...On the matter of what to do about Wellington in the short term, my inbox is divided. People who primarily walk or cycle for transportation are thrilled to have the open space. Businesses on Sparks, Bank and Elgin streets are frustrated about their inability to receive deliveries. And seniors who live in the north part of Centretown say the road closure is making it harder for personal support workers and family members to get to their homes.

While I support a pedestrianized future for Wellington Street, one that befits the importance of the House of Commons and other significant buildings, the status quo is not working. We need a solution to the additional congestion that the closure has created within the core, and we need some resources dedicated to making the space welcoming. This could include dedicated recreation funding, or money to existing festivals and Business Improvement Associations to extend their programming onto Wellington.

Find the whole article here.

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