They're replanting trees at Lansdowne Park. Will they survive?

By Giacomo Panico, CBC News Ottawa, April 27, 2023

Lansdowne Park has struggled to grow trees since its major redevelopment. This spring, renewed efforts are underway to create a long-term solution for a greener entrance to the space.

...A lack of soil depth for the roots to take hold and contamination from road salt all contributed to the trees' demise, said Villeneuve.

... (Shaun) Menard said a pilot project will see the city plant 10 trees on Bank in front of Lansdowne in special planters that use stormwater collected from the sidewalk and the road.

The goal is to keep stormwater away from the city's infrastructure by filtering it through the planter to remove salt and other contaminants, then using the water to irrigate the trees. 

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