Siekierski and Paré: Ottawa can tackle climate change with home-energy labelling

By Marian Siekierski and David Paré, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed

...While transportation usually comes to mind in connection with carbon footprints, the fact is that buildings contribute the most — almost half — of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions. To address this concern, Ottawa has drawn up green building standards called “High-Performance Development Standards” (HPDS). These standards are under review now and will make all the difference in meeting the goal of a net-zero city by 2050. And you have probably not heard about this. That is a problem.

...Take a closer look and it appears Ottawa is not truly committed to the critical task of weaning itself off fossil fuels. While the cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Saskatoon — to name a few — are all over the existential challenge of our times, Ottawa is lagging.

Find the whole article here.

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