Riders warn OC Transpo cuts will hurt most vulnerable

By Elise Skura, CBC News Ottawa, November 14, 2023

OC Transpo calls it "route optimization," but riders who spoke to the transit commission on Tuesday say it sounds more like giving up on getting the troubled service back to pre-pandemic levels. 

.. ."We're cutting service and aiming to meet current service demands," said Sarah Donnelly, one of 17 members of the public who complained to the transit committee. 

"You will be discouraging people to get back on transit, and also making it more difficult to adapt to needs when-slash-if ridership increases."

..."How is this putting customers first?" (Natalie Badour) asked. "My reality is that I can't afford to buy a car. I can't afford a $400.00 parking pass for campus parking, can't pay gas or insurance or repairs ... especially if I have absolutely no way to get to and from my job."

Find the whole article here.

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