Pinder and Lind: Ottawa is still allowing sprawl next to transit stations, and that’s a problem

By Matt Pinder and Brandon Lind, Ottawa Citizen Op-ed

...It is well-known that in order to maximize the value of their investment, rapid transit stations should be surrounded by dense, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods. This development style benefits both residents and the city; residents gain more housing options while being less financially burdened by car ownership, while the city collects a higher tax base, more transit fare revenue, and can provide services more efficiently.

...And yet despite the opportunity provided by the adjacent O-Train Station and the visionary Official Plan, three out of four corners at this intersection are set to become sprawling big-box shopping plazas with giant parking lots, no housing and a public realm that would be hostile to anyone outside of a car.

Find the whole article here.

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