Pellerin: Stop all this idling and switch school buses to electric

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed

... When I saw Ecology Ottawa coming out with a campaign to get us to switch our diesel school buses to electric ones, I said to myself: if that ain’t the juiciest, lowest piece of juicy low-hanging fruit I ever saw. Yes! Let’s gradually replace the fleet with electric buses! At the moment there are only about 20 EVs out of Ontario’s 20,000 yellow buses. I call this ample room for improvement.

And then … nothing. People ignored the issue. I was trying to fluff up the story on social media and even my usual do-gooding suspects were uncharacteristically quiet.

...Why? The usual objections to electric vehicles don’t apply here. You don’t need a huge amount of autonomy between charges. The typical school bus doesn’t actually go anywhere. It just drives around in circles, morning and afternoon. Perfect for the EV lifestyle.

Find the whole article here.


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