Pellerin: Ottawans can live with a garbage bag-tag policy. So let's have one

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed, June 9, 2023

...The City is proving to be a spineless blob on garbage. Three propositions to deal with trash overflow were debated during a six-hour session of the environment and climate change committee on June 5. They were all defeated in tie votes. We’re stymied for the moment, with no plan and no willingness to even pretend to be serious about the problem.

We are running out of room to stash our trash. And even if we weren’t, there’s very little that’s appealing about a dump. It smells; attracts all kinds of critters of which really annoying seagulls are probably the least obnoxious; it’s unsightly to say the least; and — oh yeah — it’s terrible for the planet.

Find the whole article here.


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