Pellerin: It's time to demand safe-cycling spaces, Ottawa

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed, May 12, 2023

Not a day goes by without near-hits happening between pedestrians and cyclists on the one unprotected hand, and big, bulky private vehicles on the other. Just last week, in one day, three such incidents threatened me personally. It’s time to stop begging for safe cycling space and demand it instead.

...There’s a “critical mass” community bike ride happening May 20 to demand better infrastructure for cyclists. ...starts at the War Memorial at 10 a.m. and will eventually end up at Dow’s Lake. As I understand it, the route will include Wellington Street, which was unaccountably made friendly to cars again, and Queen Elizabeth Driveway,..

... We are entitled to the space and safety that our numbers warrant. We have the right to insist on getting it. Hope to see you on May 20.

Find the whole article here.


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