Nussbaum: What the NCC is doing about climate change (and the Rideau Canal Skateway)

By Tobi Nussbaum, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed, March 16, 2023

...Every year, our teams look forward to creating this unique experience for locals and visitors. However, this year, it didn’t happen. Despite our best efforts, record warm temperatures, followed by short cold snaps, meant that we never got the thick, stable ice required to safely open the skateway. While we were disappointed with this outcome, we weren’t completely surprised. At the National Capital Commission, we’ve been studying and preparing for — and witnessing firsthand — the effects of climate change on our assets and infrastructure for some time now.

Over the past few years, the National Capital Region has experienced floods, tornadoes and, most recently, a derecho, which left an indelible impact on many of our old-growth forests. Recognizing that climate change is an unavoidable reality we must contend with, the NCC has been assessing and preparing our natural and built assets to meet these challenges.

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