As EV ownership grows, cities are looking at new ways to charge more vehicles

By Carl Meyer, National Observer, Mar 10, 2021

Vancouver’s decision to allow extension cords across sidewalks to charge electric cars is an interesting step, but comes with its own challenges, say the heads of two EV associations.

City council voted Feb. 9 to authorize the licensing of charging cords across city-owned property, so people who don’t have access to private driveways can charge their EVs while parked on the street. The charging cords have to include a cable cover that is slip-resistant and high-visibility.

(...)“I do see challenges particularly in the winter when snowplows would likely damage the cable when they run over them on the sidewalk — even with a cable ramp, which a snowplow or blower could pick up,” said Raymond Leury, president of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

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