Environmental, economic uncertainty among young Canadians: study

By City News, September 27, 2023

Young Canadians have an increasingly pessimistic view of the planet’s future when it comes to climate change, and they feel less able to make a difference.

That’s according to a new Léger study exploring how Generation Z and Millennial Canadians feel about their own future, their personal finances, and their careers.

More than half of young Canadians (51 per cent – compared to 43 per cent last year) believe the world’s environmental situation will deteriorate next year. And 37 per cent have a sombre view of their ability to limit the consequences of these changes (compared to 30 per cent in 2022).

More young Canadians (60 per cent, up from 53 per cent) say they are concerned about the consequences associated with climate change.

Find the whole article here.

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