Denied Enbridge pipeline rebuild sparks rift among councillors

By Elise Skura, CBC News Ottawa, November 21, 2023

A stymied $123-million plan by Enbridge Gas to replace a section of an aging pipeline through four Ottawa wards has kicked off a debate at city hall over political interference. 

The Enbridge Gas pipeline carries natural gas to about 165,000 business and residential customers in the region, but after over half a century in use the utility says it's now nearing its end-of-life. 

...Staff relied on the city's "energy evolution" strategy, a document that lays out plans to eliminate Ottawa's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 — and names Enbridge Gas as a stakeholder. 

...King said he was not supportive of the initial motion (by Councilor Tim Tierney to support Enbridge) because he wants staff to be able to provide their expert opinion "without the fear of political interference."

..."It's environmentally and financially absurd to be investing in fossil fuel pipelines in the midst of a climate crisis and in the midst of a transition away from fossil fuels … Ontario ratepayers would still be paying this off until the 2080s." (Ken Elson, Environmental Defence)

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