Community groups take aim at what's missing as city council contemplates 2023 budget

By Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen, Feb 27, 2023

The city’s proposed budget is pretty much status quo — and that raises questions about the future of issues from transit to food security, say the members of a coalition of community groups.

The Peoples Official Plan, which is tracking the city’s official plan, includes more than 20 community organizations representing environmental and social justice causes. The groups have combed through the proposed city budget to identify areas they believe need watching on Wednesday.

...Alice Irene Whitakker, the executive director of Ecology Ottawa, applauded the $5 million in funding for city’s climate change master plan, but added that it’s not nearly enough to fully fund and implement the plan.

“It will require a significant investment, but we know that climate change is going to cost us dearly,” said Whitakker.

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