City of Ottawa looking at zoning changes to allow more grocery stores

By Ted Raymond, CTV News Ottawa, July 3, 2023

Two city of Ottawa committees are looking at changing zoning rules that prohibit grocery and other food stores in certain areas.

Most areas in the city allow for what are known officially as "retail food stores", which include supermarkets, butcher shops, bakeries, produce outlets, delicatessens and farmer’s markets. Some places, however, allow only retail stores and restaurants, but not retail food stores.

A report prepared for the planning and housing committee and the agriculture and rural affairs committee recommends amending zoning bylaws to allow retail food stores in several more parts of the city.

"Food is a basic requirement for a healthy, walkable 15-minute neighbourhood," the report says. "The Zoning By-law already permits retail food stores broadly across the city.

Find the whole article here.

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