We talk about what the city budget means for climate action on All in a Day.

Our executive director Alice Irene Whittaker was on CBC's All in a Day to discuss the City of Ottawa's 2023 budget and how it addresses the Climate Emergency. Have a listen! Alice Irene comes on at 3:38although you can hear our friends at Ottawa Transit Riders if you start at the top!


In Alice Irene's words:
  • “We are in a climate emergency, and we need to act like it.”
  • “A budget tells us what is important to us, what matters, and what are we prioritizing. Seeing funding in there for climate action shows us we have realized it matters, we know it’s important—but not enough.”
  • “There’s not enough funding in there to fully fund and implement the Climate Change Master Plan that the City’s approved. It’s a really good plan, and it’s time that we fully get down to work so that we’re protecting the future of the city and residents.”


Listen to the entire segment here.

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