Bury and Whittaker: A garbage bag-tag system is essential to reducing Ottawa's waste

By Duncan Bury and Alice Irene Whittaker, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed

Ottawa faces a looming waste crisis, with the city’s Trail Road Landfill expected to close as early as 2036, just over a decade from now, before it overflows. Fortunately, our city can make the choice to reduce waste, and we individually and collectively can play a powerful role in reducing the harmful emissions that come from excessive consumption and waste generation.

...One proven, effective way to reduce waste in households is a “bag tag” user-pay system, a well-established program in other cities in which unnecessary and excess waste has a price, and where composting and recycling are free. This incentivizes residents to reduce waste in the first place, and to recycle and compost instead.

Find the whole article here.

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