Buckles: We need modest, mixed housing options everywhere in Ottawa

By Daniel Buckles, Ottawa Citizen, August 13, 2021

...Ottawa’s draft Official Plan calls for a new urban form — dubbed 613 Flats — to house the city’s growing human population, while also increasing affordability and sustainability. It is a collection of seven housing designs, each with a total of six rooms including the bathroom, that could be built in mature neighbourhood while respecting the required amenity space, trees, soft landscaping and neighbourhood context.

It seems unlikely, however, that the house going up behind me takes this work into account. Modest homes and small, multi-family units have no visibility in the public discussion on the Official Plan and few policy supports in the draft. So far, Ottawa’s builders, architects, landscapers and the wealthy for whom they build have shown remarkably little imagination in regards to questions of housing diversity and greening outside of the building envelope, whether it be in new subdivisions or urban infill.

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