Buckles: Maybe newly minted Ottawa councillors should go on strike

By Daniel Buckles, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed

On Nov. 15, Ottawa, like municipalities across the province, inaugurated a new city council. Citizens had spoken, electing a new mayor and many new councillors charged with solving municipal problems and providing the services expected of a world-class city. Everyone would agree, there is a lot to do.

...Earlier in the month, Queen’s Park had overruled several key decisions in the City of Ottawa Official Plan, undoing years of detailed planning for growth of the city and fractious compromises on density, urban sprawl, and efforts to make the most of the struggling public transit system.

...At virtually the same time, the Conservative government introduced Bill 23, omnibus legislation that takes a chainsaw through everything 

...The provincial government overplayed its hand with Bill 23, raising the ire of a remarkably wide range of organizations:

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