Brown and Brown: The Ottawa River should be given legal rights

Ottawa Citizen, April 13, 2021

'What is the future we want for our Ottawa River, the mighty Kichi Sibi? And who are “we”? When we approach these questions from a place of Earth Law, “we” becomes not just humans, but all our relatives, all the species we share this river with. We must think of the eels, sturgeon, pickerel, molluscs, wild rice, moose, white pines, birds, butterflies, bees and all the species to which we are connected, species that enrich and sustain us.

The Ottawa River is the unceded, unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe people who have lived in harmony with the land and waters since time immemorial. Experiences from around the world indicate ecosystems receive greater protection when Indigenous Peoples’ rights are recognized.'

Find the whole article here.

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