Adam: Yes, limiting cars on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway is inconvenient. But it's worth it

By Mohammed Adam, Ottawa Citizen Op-Ed, July 27, 2023

Urban planners worldwide are reimagining their cities to make them more people-friendly, creating more spaces that invite us to walk, bike or use other 'active transportation' modes.

... It has been a long time since the mayor of Ottawa and the CEO of the National Capital Commission have engaged in a very public feud over the city’s transportation choices.

But here we are with Mark Sutcliffe and Tobi Nussbaum disagreeing publicly over the closure of a section of the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, complete with duelling op-eds in the Ottawa Citizen to make their case, essentially about their transportation visions.

...It is hard to understand why Sutcliffe is taking a stand against his own Official Plan.

Find the whole article here.

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