‘Totally biodegradable:’ Why you should use an eco-friendly salt alternative

By Evelyn Harford, InsideOttawaValley, February 25, 2023

When Dan Cunningham, store manager of REAL Deal in Smiths Falls, spreads Eco Ice Grip — a traction product made of softwood chips — around the front and back of the reuse store to help prevent slips and falls due to ice, he feels good about improving safety for patrons while having a minimal impact on the environment.

“It's a totally biodegradable product,” he said. “It’s actually sourced from the residual of forests — it's a certified forestry operation.”

Cunningham said with the freeze-thaw cycle that is becoming more common as climate change progresses, the eco-friendly salt alternative keeps working for a while after it’s applied and will provide grip if additional ice forms — so long as it’s not too thick that it covers the wood.

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