Six in ten users of pop-up bike lanes in Paris are new to cycling, says city’s government

By Simon McMichael,, February 4, 2021

Majority of French capital’s residents want the temporary infrastructure, which has encouraged particularly strong growth in the number of women cycling, to be made permanent by Simon_MacMichael Thu, Feb 04, 2021 20:41 8

New cyclists account for almost six in ten users of pop-up cycle lanes in Paris, installed first in response to a public transport strike last winter with the network subsequently enlarged due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to figures from the city’s government.

The temporary cycle lanes, many of them on key roads in the heart of the French capital, including Rue de Rivoli as shown in the video below, and other policies aimed at reducing car dependency and fighting climate change, became a key battleground in Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s successful campaign for re-election last year.

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