Climate denial mixing with other disinformation, analysis shows

By Carl Meyer, National Observer, January 5, 2020

A new coalition is monitoring the overlap of climate denial with other conspiracy theories online, and one of its founders says Canada is not immune from this new “wave of disinformation.”

Michael Khoo, co-CEO of Washington-based UpShift Strategies, helped start the group that has been tracking digital conversations in the United States in anticipation of pushback against any climate legislation introduced during the first year of U.S. president-elect Joe Biden’s upcoming term in office.

“Canada’s more historically polite national environment is not going to protect it from this wave of disinformation,” Khoo said in an interview.

Climate denial is the rejection of the global scientific consensus that the planet’s climate is changing, that it is being driven mainly by the accumulation of carbon pollution in the atmosphere from humans burning coal, oil and natural gas, and that there will be severe adverse impacts on health and safety unless that pollution is slashed.

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