Montreal's climate plan includes ban on non-electric cars downtown by 2030

By Lynda Gyulai (Montreal Gazette), Ottawa Citizen, December 11, 2020

The city of Montreal will plant 500,000 trees, ban non-electric cars downtown, remove parking around métro stations, adopt the most stringent regulations in Canada for greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, and impose a “climate test” on itself when it makes decisions, according to a 10-year climate plan unveiled by Mayor Valérie Plante on Thursday.

The Climate Plan 2020-2030 also calls for the city to develop incentives for the public to adopt environmentally responsible habits, such as by providing municipal funding to businesses that deliver goods with bikes since they produce zero greenhouse gas emissions.

“Even if the pandemic isn’t over, it’s important for us to present this plan today,” Plante said at a news conference. “On the eve of having a vaccine (for COVID-19) … there’s a glimmer of hope there, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s the best time to recall a fight that’s even bigger, more immense and more mammoth than the pandemic, which was a challenge, and it’s climate change.”

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