Ottawa’s ambitious energy plan faces potential hurdles, limits to municipal reach

By Michaela Bax-Leany,, November 7, 2020

The City of Ottawa’s new “Energy Evolution” plan outlines ambitious targets for reducing the municipality’s carbon footprint, calling for a 100-per-cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the capital by 2050.

However, the blueprint also notes the potential for significant hurdles in meeting that target on time.

The final report, presented to the city’s standing committee on environmental protection, water and waste management on Oct. 20, is part of the city’s broader Climate Change Master Plan, which was approved by council in January 2020.

(---)Robb Barnes of Ecology Ottawa, one of the city’s leading environmental advocacy groups, also noticed gaps in the plan — in particular a lack of concrete policy recommendations around land use. However, he also urged council to implement the plan immediately, and to make the emissions targets a guiding force in every city budget.

“Let’s not make the perfect the enemy of the good,” said Barnes.

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