EXCLUSIVE: Ford government to overhaul Blue Bin program

By Richard Southern, 1310 News, October 19, 2020

The Ford government is changing who will be responsible for the Blue Box recycling program, as well as expanding the items that can be put into the blue box itself.

CityNews has learned Ontario’s Environment Minister will announce Monday that producers of products and packaging will be fully responsible for the Blue Box program.

The Blue Box program is currently run by the Ontario Stewardship Council with the cost split among the municipalities. But the provincial government will shift to a new model where producers of the waste – businesses – will provide blue box collection and pay for the entire cost.

The government claims the move will result in an estimated savings of $135-million annually for municipalities.

Government officials say there should not be any interruption to the program during the transition, saying that those who have curbside blue box collection will continue to have it under the new system. The government also says the Beer Store’s deposit return program can continue under the new producer responsibility model.


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