Today's letters: What Trudeau's throne speech should say

By Elise Ondet, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, September 22, 2020

Here’s what a good throne speech would do

I agree, we want a throne speech for adults. But we disagree on what being an adult means.

I am part of groups in the Ottawa region called Ottawa Reduces and For Our Kids. Together, these groups count more than 1,600 worried citizens. Over the past two weeks, a lot of conversations has been about getting the government to understand that we want this throne speech to bring systemic changes for a green and just recovery, not just a “modest, doable and reassuring” plan. We don’t have time for reassuring. California is on fire, and so was Australia in the winter. The fumes from California reached our city this week. The Earth is sending us cries of help. We don’t have time for modest.

Re: Editorial, A throne speech for adults, Sept. 19.

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