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(This is the type of view that will make preventing urban sprawl hard)

By Mark Christie, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, September 12, 2020

(...)Single-family neighbourhood is under threat

Re: Adding density to Ottawa neighbourhoods can be done gently, Sept. 6.

It’s not often that I agree with Coun. Jeff Leiper but when it comes to adding multi-unit, low-rise buildings to a low-rise residential neighbourhood, I do.

As a resident of a single family home on a street of mostly the same, I can attest to the disruptive nature of this mix. The three multi-unit buildings on my street are hugely destructive to our quality of life. Absentee and uncaring landlords rent to anyone, collect the rent and leave the neighbours to deal with the consequences of bad tenants with no stake in the property. The result of a bad landlord includes an unkempt yard with weeds and pests; loud gatherings; non-stop marijuana smoking with groups of friends on the front decks, day and night; fights; non- stop comings and goings of strangers; and garbage from four occupants piled up and smelling for weeks in the summer.

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