'No valid reason for this hunt': Local advocates encourage others to save the cormorants

By InsideOttawaValley, September 10, 2020

Sept. 15 marks the start of Ontario’s Cormorant Hunt, despite the government having received 50,000 written inputs from Ontarians, a majority of which were not in favour. Scientists and Wildlife Managers have spoken out against the hunt, noting it is not based in science and likely to cause harm to our ecosystem. Given the limit of 15 birds per hunter per day, the small, 40-bird colony on Big Rideau Lake is clearly at risk of being wiped out.

So, someone on a local Facebook page asked what could be done to protect the Big Rideau Lake cormorant colony. The best answer I have is to talk with your friends or neighbours who may be planning to go cormorant hunting and ask them not to. The second step is to be a witness at the colony site if you can. Make no mistake, Ontario residents with a General Hunting Licence have the legal right to be present on our lakes and rivers with guns starting on Sept. 15. They should not be harassed or interfered with. Confrontation would neither be safe or sensible. Witnessing, however, is sensible and likely an impactful behaviour modification tool.


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