Councillor’s Corner: Byron Avenue restrictions and a ward boundary review

By Jeff Leiper, Kitchissippi Times, September 10, 2020

(...)One matter we’ve been receiving a lot of notes about is the local-only restrictions on Byron Avenue. I advocated for these restrictions in the spring to help encourage physical distancing and create space for residents to enjoy the outdoors safely. I know that there are residents who are hoping to make these restrictions permanent; I’ve also heard from many who would like the restrictions lifted as traffic pressures begin to rise. Presently, I don’t intend to remove the barricades. I’ve observed this space to be well-used and the need for distancing has not diminished. However, if a request to maintain these restrictions permanently comes forward, I will entertain it. Currently, we’re monitoring traffic volumes in the area and I’m discussing with the City how this could be made permanent. Most importantly though, I won’t advocate for keeping this stretch of Byron local-only without opening the question to the community for input.

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