City beautification projects one key to saving habitat for native bees

By Bailey Moreton, Capital Current, July 13, 2020

Ottawa City Council is taking positive strides towards preserving bees and other pollinator populations in Ottawa, but more needs to be done, according to experts as climate change accelerates.

Recent initiatives include the building of a garden near City Hall and an educational speaker’s event held in April.

City staff are also reviewing roadside maintenance standards, an environmental projects grant program and proposing new “beautification projects” to create more natural, bee habitat, according to a memo released on behalf of city council.

(...)More needs to be done to give bees and other pollinators a “fighting chance,” according to Natasha Jovanovic, Living City Organizer with Ecology Ottawa.

“The only way that we will be able to effectively help pollinators in the long-run is integrating more greenspaces and green infrastructure throughout Ottawa. Pollinators are already under stress and – as the latest climate report points out – it will only get worse,” said Jovanovic.

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