Cyclists demand 'more than paint' to keep them safe on Elgin Street

By Hillary Johnstone, CBC News Ottawa, June 18, 2020

The sound of bicycle bells rang out on Elgin Street Thursday morning as a group of approximately 50 cyclists rode together to demand changes to bike infrastructure in the city.

The demonstration came less than a week after a 20-year-old female cyclist was seriously injured in a collision with a truck on the recently redesigned roadway, near Ottawa police headquarters.

The rally began outside Ottawa City Hall, then the cyclists set off down Elgin Street. They were joined by city councillors Catherine McKenney and Shawn Menard. 

The event was organized by Ward Verschaeve, 21, who said he felt compelled to speak up after hearing about the recent collision.

Verschaeve said despite the recent multi-million-dollar streetscape rehabilitation of Elgin Street, the cycling infrastructure there remains unsafe

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