Top 7 most toxic plants found in Ontario

By InsideOttawaValley, June 8, 2020

After months of isolation, you finally make your way to the local golf course. That first drive, so satisfying at first contact, only to see the ball fade into the woods. You traipse into the thick brush in search of the ball, stepping over and through a myriad of weeds and bushes. They look harmless enough. But they are anything but docile. 

The next day a rash appears on your leg. Soon after, the burn develops into nasty blisters, making you wish you’d remained in quarantine rather than venturing out for a day on the links. 

Welcome to wild parsnip, a nasty weed just waiting for the uninformed or unobservant to strike. If only you’d taken a few minutes to learn about the dangerous plants you might encounter?

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