Ottawa's weather to get warmer, wetter and wilder: study

By Kate Porter, CBC News Ottawa, June 8, 2020

Climate change will cause Ottawa's seasons to shift noticeably, with shorter winters, less snow and a heightened risk of extreme weather including tornadoes, new projections show.

The city and the National Capital Commission commissioned CBCL Limited to predict how the weather in the region will change, so they can start planning now to mitigate the effects.

According to the firm, there will be more heat waves and flooding, putting pressure on everything from emergency services to the foundations of buildings. The changing climate will also shorten the cross-country skiing season in Gatineau Park and the skating season on the Rideau Canal, according to the report.

Average temperatures in Ottawa are expected to rise by 1.8 C by the 2030s, by 3.2 C by the 2050s, and by 5.3 C by the 2080s, according to the 419-page report.

At the same time, the capital region could become wetter, with more intense precipitation in winter and the "shoulder seasons," although less of it is likely to fall in the form of snow.

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