10 most-feared Ontario animals and insects: How dangerous are they?

By InsideOttawaValley, June 9, 2020

Living in Ontario, we are fortunate not many of the wild animals residing in this province will do us serious harm. It does happen, of course. The occasional black bear attack on campers in the woods. A wolf that turns on what it deems a human menace. 

But while these incidents may be rare, they do occur, especially if we don’t take the proper precautions before heading out into nature. And the threats don’t have to come from large beasts bearing nasty-looking canines. Dangers can come in the form of the tiniest of creatures that strike when and where we least expect them. 

Take a few minutes to peruse our guide to some of the wild animals and insects that can pose the most problems for us. From bite wounds to poisonous venom, these creatures are to be avoided if at all possible. 


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