Montreal’s main street makeover puts people first

By Pat Brennan, InsideOttawaValley, May 22, 2020

MONTREAL—It was St. Patrick’s Day in 1955 that the previous makeover of rue Sainte-Catherine — this town’s main drag — occurred.

(...)Valérie Plante, 46, Montreal’s first female mayor in its 378-year history, wants a more attractive and people-oriented main street for her city.

The city is spending $1.32 billion on the eight-block stretch of the street through the downtown core. Some of the infrastructure below the street level, such as water and sewer lines, is more than 100 years old and is being replaced. More modern infrastructure, such as electrical and telephone lines, is being upgraded to supply free Wi-Fi anywhere up on the surface.

There are currently two lanes of one-way, eastbound traffic on Sainte-Catherine. In the future, there’ll be just one lane with much wider sidewalks, plenty of street furniture with comfortable benches, bicycle lanes with bicycle racks and mature trees lining both sides of the street.

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