Changes coming to recycling collection in Mississippi Mills June 1

By Ashley Kulp, InsideOttawaValley, May 15, 2020 Recycling collection in Mississippi Mills is going to look a little different after June 1. The municipality will be shifting to a dual-stream alternate week format for recycling collection after council approved going with a new contractor for collection and processing services, Emterra Environmental Ltd., at its April 21 special meeting.

What that means is residents will no longer be combining fibre and plastics/glass together in one bin for collection each week under the current single-stream operation; instead those materials will now have to be separated and picked up alternate weeks. The timing and routes residents currently experience will remain the same.

According to environmental compliance co-ordinator Abby Armstrong, the change will save the municipality upwards of $25,000. She said switching to a dual-stream collection on alternate weeks also allows for less contaminated materials and cleaner products for the recycling facility.

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