How should Ottawa grow? What councillors heard over 19 hours

By Kate Porter, CBC News Ottawa, May 12, 2020

Over two long days of meeting online, Ottawa city councillors heard very different — and very strong — opinions about where and how to house an extra 400,000 people in the coming decades.

Councillors on the two committees that decide planning issues won't log on again until Tuesday, May 19 to discuss and vote on whether to expand its urban boundary for only the second time since amalgamation.

(...)"Affordability" was likely the most uttered word over the 19 hours of discussion. Those involved in the development industry argued that not increasing the supply of land for home building would drive house prices sky high, putting them further out of reach for young people and new Canadians.

(...)Many presenters also wanted the city to show far more details about how much each of the three scenarios set out would cost the city in infrastructure, and the implications for its climate change goals.

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