Today's letters: Music (from unusual sources) soothes the soul

By Barbara King, Nancy Biggs and others, Ottawa Citizen letters to the Editor, May 9, 2020

(...)Development and the death of our trees

In times past, we were welcomed to spring by the chirping of nesting birds. Now our welcome is the gut-wrenching sound of the chain saw.

(...)Single-use zoning has forced dependence on cars

Re:Focus on how we build, not where, May 7.

Coun. Glen Gower and Véronique Bergeron’s opinion piece pointed out the problem of single-use zoning. I don’t know when this was introduced in Ottawa, but it really needs to change to stop our dependence on cars.

(...)Why doesn’t Ottawa just stop growing?

Nancy Xue proposes densification as a solution to the urban sprawl arising from growth. But no growing city has avoided sprawl. Growing up has always been accompanied by a certain amount of growing out.

(...)Build up, but build creatively, please

High density instead of sprawl is probably the way to go, but developers of tall apartment buildings should really think of building “signature” style buildings with distinctive and creative architectural façades, rather than the glut of dull-looking, tall, non-descript boxes that are currently being constructed.


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