Debate on urban boundary expansion resumes Tuesday at Ottawa City Hall

By Ted Raymond and Josh Pringle, CTV News Ottawa, May 11, 2020

OTTAWA -- Two City of Ottawa standing committees will resume debate Tuesday morning on whether to expand the urban boundary for future development.

After eleven hours of presentations from city staff, developers, community groups and residents, the committees recessed for the evening.

City staff are recommending adding up to 1,650 hectares to the urban boundary to allow for the construction of thousands of new houses over the next quarter century.

(...)The vote today would go to full City Council at the end of the month for approval.

It's considered one of the most contentious issues this term of council will have to deal with because it will affect the housing market in Ottawa for decades to come. Part of the debate is over whether to build out, with an expanded boundary, or build up, with more highrises and intensifcation.

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