City reopens parks, but not playgrounds

By CBC News Ottawa, May 6, 2020

Effective immediately, the city is reopening green spaces within public parks, but amenities such as play structures and benches remain off limits, as do dog parks, sports fields and basketball courts.

Since March 27, people have only been allowed to walk, jog or cycle through city parks, and risked an $880 fine for lingering or using park equipment.

Now people can once again stretch out on the grass or throw a ball, as long as they're not in groups of more than five. The city is also encouraging people to remain two metres away from anyone who's not a member of their household.

"It's really good because I think a lot of individuals who live in high-rise buildings don't have the privilege of a backyard," said Nancy Blane, who was enjoying Wednesday evening at Strathcona Park.

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