Councillors call on city to reopen park green space

By Hillary Johnstone, CBC News Ottawa, May 5, 2020

Seven Ottawa city councillors have co-signed an open letter calling on the city and province to reopen green spaces in Ottawa's parks, as city staff say they're working to "reassess" the closure.

"We are writing to ask that, in consultation with local boards of health, you reopen the green spaces in public parks as soon as possible," says the letter, co-signed by councillors Shawn Menard, Riley Brockington, Catherine McKenney, Carol Anne Meehan, Rawlson King, Jeff Leiper and Theresa Kavanagh.

"Many residents have been struggling with physical and mental health without adequate space to physically distance while getting outside. Access to nature, open spaces and room for exercise are important and necessary coping strategies that are well documented to increase well-being and physiological resilience," the letter reads.

(...)The open letter only calls for green space to be reopened, not playground equipment or other amenities.

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