Ottawa citizen transit commissioners to hold ‘informal’ chat to replace cancelled city meetings

By Angela Mazur, Global News Ottawa, April 30, 2020

An Ottawa citizen transit commissioner has set up a video chat meant to replace public transit meetings that have been cancelled for three months during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah Wright-Gilbert, who has been vocal in her criticism of Ottawa’s troubled new LRT system, created an online video chat event set to take place the night of May 13, after the May transit committee meeting was cancelled by the chair, Coun. Allan Hubley.

(,,,)The event is not sponsored by the city of Ottawa and is set to be an “informal” meeting where residents can ask questions about transit.

Wright-Gilbert said she’s slightly nervous at how the meeting will go, but she believes the demand is there.

“People have been asking for it,” she said.

Hubley has yet to respond to a request for further comment.

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