Despite lofty goals, Canada's greenhouse emissions aren't improving

By Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen, April 25, 2020

Figures published this month show we emitted 729 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2018, the latest figures available. That was an increase of 15 million tonnes from the previous year.

Environment and Climate Change Canada blamed a cold winter in 2018, and said the carbon tax and other measures had not yet taken effect.

(...)The stubbornly high emission level “is a reminder that it’s easier to make targets than it is to achieve them,” said Monica Gattinger, who studies energy policy at the University of Ottawa. She is director of a research group called Positive Energy.

(...)Jason Dion, another energy policy researcher, sees some hope in the latest numbers.

At least, he said, Canada has prevented emissions from rising over the past decade and a half. Dion is director of the mitigation program at the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, a research group.

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