Today's letters: On coronavirus and on green space

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By Linda Murphy, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, March 12, 2020

(...)Pay attention to our green space

Re: Fix housing for the aging population, and you’ll fix it for others too, March 9.

I agree with much of Daniel Buckles’ opinion piece – especially his encouragement to all of us to pay attention to Ottawa’s new official plan and a city-sponsored study of R4 zoning to promote apartments and to think about how to promote healthy aging of our population.

I agree that we need more multi-dwelling buildings in the city, but recent development along the Wellington-Richmond Road corridor is an example that discourages me. Virtually none of it is low-rise, little of it promotes affordable housing, much of it has created a concrete corridor and driven out independent businesses, social organizations and the arts with high rent – even when some are initially integrated into the new buildings.