Westover: Life lessons from Ottawa's failing transit system

By Suzanne Westover, Ottawa Citizen, February 19, 2020

Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for building a transit system that is teaching me the virtue of patience. Since the debut of light rail, I have perfected the deep-breathing exercises that help me cope with anxiety induced by unreliable trains and constant overcrowding.

Thank you for building a transit system that is sharpening my focus. With fewer hours at the office, and less time at home, I’m getting things done more efficiently. For example, I’m tapping out this expression of appreciation from my iPhone as I wait for: a) a train that isn’t too full; b) a “special” bus that actually stops; and c) the Uber I finally ordered.

Thank you for creating a transit system that is honing my resourcefulness – a trait I’ve developed from being stuck in the downtown core with no viable public transport. I have variously walked to Tunney’s Pasture (thank you for helping me get my steps in), paid to ride-share (thanks for the team-building exercise) and called for the blessed comfort of a taxi (thanks for alerting me that my next job should come with a driver).


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