U of O study shows link between declining bee population, climate change

By Pascale Malenfant, The Fulcrum, February 14, 2020

A new study conducted by a student at the University of Ottawa has found a direct link between climate change and declining bumblebee populations — as well as strategies to combat the consequences of both.

The paper, led by U of O PhD candidate Peter Soroye, concluded that extreme weather events associated with climate change have been taking their toll on bumblebees in Europe and North America for over a generation, with the likelihood of a population surviving in a given place declining by an average of over 30 per cent.

“On one hand, climate change increases average temperatures — summers get warmer, winters get warmer,” said Soroye. “But on the other hand, climate change increases the frequency and severity of extreme events, so things like heat waves and droughts.”


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