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By Andrew Hartshorn, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, February 15, 2020

(...)Light-rail mistakes we should not have made

Re: Trillium Line dispute prompts call to look at the city’s policies, Feb. 12.

Like the mayor and council and his transportation managers, I have no idea or experience in purchasing and installing a light-rail system. But I think I would have looked at all the successfully operating systems around the world before choosing one, avoiding any new, untested systems and trains.

And I would not employ a company to manufacture or install the system if it had a background of patronage and corruption.  I would not have built three short spurs of rail going from nowhere to nowhere, but would have built one complete run end-to-end.  I would not change a reasonable bus system until the train system had run completely trouble-free for at least several months. And finally, I would not blame the passengers for the shortcomings of a system I had purchased and installed.

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