Redesigning roads can reduce pedestrian deaths, but cities lack the political will: expert

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

By CBC News, February 9, 2020

Erica Stark was walking the family foster dog when she was struck and killed by a speeding minivan in November 2014.

Now, her husband David Stark is campaigning to make streets safer — and he says that more needs to be done in his home city, Toronto.

"We're seeing incremental improvements, but they're not happening fast enough, and I think that there needs to be more money earmarked to prioritize road safety," Stark told Cross Country Checkup

Last year, 39 pedestrians in Toronto were killed in vehicle-related incidents, and across B.C., 49 died in similar incidents during the same period. Meanwhile, Montreal saw a record high with two dozen deaths.