Pellerin: Bottom line – Ottawa's LRT is still better than the alternative

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen, February 7, 2020

I was pleased as punch to see a column by Dave Williams in the Citizen a few days ago talking about his positive experience with the LRT.  I want to say nice things about OC Transpo, too.

No, really. I like it. I take it every weekday. I leave home on Greenbank Road in the west end at 5:45 a.m. and catch an 82 to Tunney’s. From there I ride LRT to Cyrville station and walk to my final destination. Around 3 p.m. I do the same in reverse, except sometimes I stop at Rideau Street for a coffee and a quick shop, without worrying about traffic or parking.

Door-to-door, it’s 45 to 50 minutes. I listen to a podcast or, when I get a seat, read a book. You wouldn’t believe how much reading I get done that way.

I am fortunate to have some slack in my schedule. If the trip takes longer than expected it’s no big deal, just more time to read. I don’t want to diminish the anguish of those who have a rougher time with the system than I do. Their complaints are valid and should be addressed. It’s just that for me, things are going well and I know I’m not the only one.

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